Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Confinement story and Alayna's 1st Outing

Talking about confinement period that I am doing now,it's not really an easy phase for me as I need to handle many things on my own,and of course with the help of my deary husband.

Starting from taking care of our baby which we set up a feeding and napping schedule for her based on the tips given by the hospital and home midwife,my breast-feeding and pumping schedule,and the things people in Malaysia normally do during confinement like bertungku and berbekung,all is done alone by us.

As for the bertungku and berbengkung,I am doing pretty religiously,I also take the best care of my eating routine,try to avoid unnecessary food like food with fat,oil and so on.

However,I still use the method "try and error" in taking my food,because to be honest,I am not an obliged person when it comes to food :P But,of course I only take food that I think is healthy and avoid at all cause any cold food or drinks.

But,there is one thing that I don't follow during this confinement period.Going out of house.I seriously cannot imagine being stucked at home for 44 days straight.That might drive me crazy!Besides,I believe that women in post partum need to do some movements to correct the ligaments and muscles and bed-resting is truly not my thing.

Don't get me wrong,some people believe that bed resting/staying at home is good for the women to recover faster,but I just can't stay still because I have trained myself to do a lot of stuff,and furthermore if I don't do house-chores or going for some grocery shopping,who would do that for my family?

Today we went out for a little sight-seeing in our favourite flower park nearby.We brought Alayna along,but she slept all the time -___-.

But mama was happy to see world outside and many blooming flowers.

Till then.

 Same flowers with her headband :P

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