Saturday, 18 April 2015

Last Sakura 2015

Salam guys,
We just got back from our trip to Istanbul yesterday.It was our first time there,and I must say,Istanbul deserves another visit by us in the future :)

It was indeed a beautiful experience and I shall write about it after I write posts about our trip to Netherlands last week.

Today we went to our favourite place of cherry blossoms again.We were pretty sure that the trees there already bloomed after several attempts of checking whether the flowers already out or not yet.

Just 5 days ago when we were driving passing by this place,the flowers were still budding and only 5 days after that the flowers were already out but also the leaves.

Last year was a lot nicer.Anyhow,ahamdulillah for the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms and till next year.

And till then people.

Happy cheeky girl who could turn into the cutest lil monster sometimes :P

The weather looks promising

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