Sunday, 26 April 2015

Travel : Keukenhof,Netherlands

Salam all,
As I'm writing this,we're now travelling to the south part of Germany and the upper side of Austria.Tomorrow we will be driving back and that is the end of our April travel series.Fuh,quite a lot of travels in a month,but overall,we really had a good time :)

So,in early April,we went to Keukenhof in Netherlands for the second time.The first time was last year when I was still carrying Alayna and it was like,we had a good luck as when we were there,the flowers were all in full bloom and weather was very nice.

In comparison to our trip to Keukenhof this year,we were a bit dissapointed as many of the tulips were still not in full bloom.

It was actually our fault that we didn't choose the correct time to come here.We came during easter break,which also the time we came last year,but compared to last year,Easter came early this year and spring was still on the way.

Well,we still enjoyed our day nevertheless,and this time around there were not so many people,so we had quite some space to really enjoy seeing the only bloomed tulips.

Till then.

Last year,we were a bit unlucky as I wanted to ride the boat touring the tulip gradens so badly,but the last boat was already full,but this year,we didn't care much because nothing else yet to see.Tulips were all still budding :(

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