Sunday, 5 July 2015

Travel : Vienna Part 2

Part 2 and last for Vienna trip.
Vienna is quite a big city and it offers many interesting places.If we had a longer holiday,we would have definitely spent more time in this city.

On the second day,we went to one of the famous castles in Vienna,which is also the UNESCO world heritage site,Schloss Schönbrunn(Castle Schönbrunn).It has a quite large garden going up hill and the visitors can top off the scenery of the castle with Vienna city as the background from there.

This castle is not much different than any other castles I've ever visited in Germany and this castle is also attached to the Vienna zoo.

In Vienna halal food cafes are scattered all over places.So do not worry and there are many choices of food variation too,from turkish to middle east to Indian and what not.We had Indian and Lebanese food while we were there.

Vienna is also famous of its old amusement park that ages more than 100 years,and the original ferris wheel that has been operating since its opening over a decade ago is still there and still operates well.

Till then people.

The original giant ferris wheel at Prater,Vienna

We went to the Donau River for a sightseeing but most of the river bank is privatized,so we walked and stumbled upon this lake.The curvey double buildings on the right side is the UN buildings

Selfie at Schloss Schönbrunn

Schloss Schönbrunn

Schloss Belvedere,another famous castle in Vienna

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