Friday, 31 July 2015

Travel : Tokyo,Japan Part 1

Salam guys,
As I've mentioned in the earlier post,we traveled to Japan for 10 days starting on 20th July till 29th July.We went to 4 big cities in Japan,starting from Tokyo,and later to Nagoya,next to Kyoto and lastly to Osaka before we departed back to Malaysia and arrived yesterday morning.

We really had a good time there despite the extra heat that I already expected according to my past experience living there,but very much a big surprise to the other two :P

So,I will start with Tokyo first.We stayed in Asakusa area.For the record,Asakusa is like a sub-urban of Tokyo,and it offers a good attraction in its own area,which is where the old famous temples are located at.I'm not sure about other part of tokyo,but here is a bit more peaceful at night compared to other district.


A little of old Japanese town takes place here.Visitors can find several temples with big lanterns at the entrance leading to the famous Sensoji Temple.There are also many Souvenir shops selling Japan or Tokyo Souvenir at affordable prices compared to other places.

Sensoji Temple,Asakusa

Kaminari Mon at night

Kaminari Mon by day


Akihabara is a famous electronics town.Not saying that you will get the cheapest price here,but there are many electronics shops to choose from,and what's interesting about this city is that it presents many billboards and this makes it interesting especially at night.

 The billboards in Akihabara Eletronics Town


The government sector takes place here,also the place for many big shopping department stores and Tokyo skyscrappers.

 The cold Japanese tea is the best solution to quench your thirst in hot and humid Japan summer

 Shinjuku is full with government buildings and skyscrappers

One of the streets in Shinkuju


Another district next to Shinjuku which is also famous of its skyscrappers and the famous Shibuya Crossing.There are thousands of people crossing the road at one time makes it unique!

The loyal Hachiko Statue in front of Shibuya Station.There's a story about this loyal dog and even was filmed originally in Japanese version and later in a Hollywood version presenting Richard Gere.Please watch it if you haven't.

The famous Shibuya Crossing

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