Saturday, 16 April 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow....there is gold :P

Hi all,
I've been complaining about the hot and humid weather lately,I know,which is not good,but don't you feel it's freaking hot lately? :0

Anyway,I don't have an excuse not to dress up today.Weekdays I only stuck in company uniform and a pair of skechers,so why not on weekends I wear something different,which at least to distinguish my life from work :)

So,suitable to the hot weather,this time I opted for something in light color,and light material with good sweat-absorbency.

But,to highlight the light color itself,I opted for some colorful scarf from local store.

Which at this time reminds me,weekend is coming to the end and I have to wake up a bit early tomorrow for work.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

I am wearing :

White tee:Forever21/long
Cardigan:Forever21/Belt:Dorothy Perkins/Straight cut Jeans:Uniqlo,Japan/Open toe ankle boots:The Glam Market/Messenger bag:Dorothy Perkins/Jewelries:Forever21

*Pictures credits to my sister,Atiqah*
Location:Alam Megah Park,Section 27,Shah Alam.


  1. nice entry :)

  2. thanks a lot dear.I've browsed through your blog as well,and oh my,your pictures are beautiful :)

  3. In Japan, it's getting warm lately ;) I was surprised to hear it has already got hot and humid in Malaysia!!

  4. In Malaysia,we only have "summer" throughout the year.Fortunately,it starts to rain quite frequently these days,so not as humid and hot as before.

    How is everything going on in Japan?I heard another quake news last night,and I was very worried plus afraid of the safety of people I know in Japan.

    Take the best care of yourself,ok?


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