Saturday, 2 April 2011

I Know a Place Where the Grass is Greener...

Hello everyone,
How was your weekend?
Mine was ok.Nothing much I did,except went to gym and on Sunday,I met one of my friends for one more outfit shoot.

I think I am a big fan of black maxi skirt,which I admit,I should get my hands on molor colors from now on.As I said in earlier post,I aim to put on more colors for spring!

Well,I am "naturally" not a big fan of big belt,but this time I could not resist to match it with my skirt,which at some point,it makes me fall in love with big belt as well other than tiny belt I always put with my pants/skirt.

Have a nice day everyone :)

I am wearing :

Top:Kitschen/Maxi skirt:F21/Shoes:Vincci/Leather Bag:Fossil/Jewelry:Vintage+F21/Belt:F21

Location:Kota Kemuning Park
*Pictures credits to Lat*


  1. I think that skirt is very very match on you!!! Isn't it warm in Malaysia?? Here in Japan, it's still cold though today is Shunbun-no-hi. I'm looking foward to coming spring...

  2. Thanks a lot Maasa,
    I was so worried about you and other friends after the quakes and Tsunami.How is everything?I wanted to send you an email,but I lost your email address.

    I guessed by you commenting here means you are doing pretty good despite the disasters.

    And thanks again for always dropping by here.

    I will keep updating for more :)

  3. Thank you for your concern. We are all fine!! I heard the earthquake in Nagoya wasn't so big, and Tsunami neither. Actually, I was on the way to Nagoya from Toyama, so I didn't know how it does in Nagoya ^_^;

    By the way, I also sent you e-mails twice, but I couldn't reach you >_< I don't know why...


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