Friday, 22 April 2011

OLP (Obsession with Leopard Prints)



Miss Selfridge

I swear I wanna get one of these.I am an OLP freak.I am :P
I wanna get everything with leopard prints from head to toe.

Anyway,I am off to visit my grandma in Penang over the weekend,plus one of leave on Monday,and I am looking forward for more outfit photoshooting in countryside :)

Have a nice weekend,everyone :)


  1. Sister, I've looked at your older posts and you have great style!
    I was wondering if you wanted to enter my Hijabi Giveaway, the details are on my blog and it's really simple to enter.

  2. @Rabia:Thanks a lot.I will check your blog soon.

    @Mixed minds:Lovely girls !


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