Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Day 3 : Brussels,Belgium

Hello everyone,
I hope you enjoy my first post regarding my trip to several cities in Europe.On 3rd day,we headed to Brussels from Paris by car,and by this time,I'd day I was pretty much comfortable with the LHD.At first I always wondered why my friend drove at the right side all the time,and was pretty much afraid if he would collide with the vehicles coming from the front.

The sceneries along the way from Paris to Brussels ware magnificient though I fell asleep in the car few times due to me being jetlegged and extremely tired from the excessive walking in Paris.

Belgium is a country of French-Dutch mixed,with many populations of foreign people.Though the city itself is more populated with french descended people and the major language there is french,but it's a city full of culture,old buildings and statues everywhere.

Enjoy the pictures.


Grey Tee:F21/Plaid Shirt:F21/Jeans:Japan/Bag:Vintage/Shoes:Rubi @ Cotton On

1.Mini Replicated Buildings,Mini Europe 2.My friend 3.Me and some mini sculpture 4.Atomium,Brussels' World Expo 1958 monument 5,6,7,8.Mini Europe 9.Mini Eiffel 10,11.Mini Europe 12.Atomium again 13.Mini Pisa 14,15.Mini Europe 16.View over Brussels from top of Atomium 17.Mannekin Pis 18.Belgian Waffle 19,20.Old Building with many statues,city center 21,22.Royal Palace of Belgium 23.Me in front of the royal palace

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