Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 7 :Ulm & Munich @ Germany

Hello all,

Eventhough I promised I wanted to post more of my outfit looks these days,to tell the truth,I didn't get the chance to do so.I will do one or two posts in this short time,but I hope you're still expecting more stories from my travel diaries because it just doesn't end here:)

On the 7th day,we drove from Stuttgart in direction of Munich,around 1 and a half hour drive.On the way to Munich,we stopped by at Ulm,the city where the brain material was born,Albert Enstein,and also placed the tallest church in the world!

Later on when we arrived Munich,we headed to Schloss Nymphenburg(Nymphenburg Castle),located not far from Munich city center and later on went to Bavaria statue and lastly to the city center.And,shall I mention,I shopped a lot too? :P

Well,the high-ends there are heavens,for they have many brands that sell good quality materials at really reasonable price.I went crazy everytime I went to the shopping street and asked Ramon to keep my wallet from my sight :P

So,enjoy the pictures,peeps.


Plaid Shirt:F21/Pants:Padini/Bag:Vintage/Gladiator:Charles&Keith/Bracelet:H&M/Aviator:Topshop

1-4.Nymphenburg Castle 5.Me in front of the castle 6,7The parks around the castle 8.The castle again 9.Some statue at the castle 10.My friend,in the parks,Nymphenburg castle 11.Me in the ocean of flowers 12.Some more small castle belonged to Nymphenburg castle 13.More flowers! 14.My friend again 15,16.Bavaria statues 17-20.Munich City Center

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