Monday, 20 June 2011

Day 8 : Salzburg @ Austria

Hello everyone,
As there are still some travels I did after Munich,I decided for another entry here.The next day we went to Salzburg,Austria,a city just a few miles after German-Austria border.

Such an old city with many captivating buildings.Also known as the birthplace of a great classic composer,Mozart.And not forget the musical drama debut,The Sound of Music that started in 1959.

What notes this city an an ancient beauty is of its natural beauty,green and surrounded by Alps that can be seen clearly,depends on the weather.

So,enjoy the pictures guys.


Scarf:Fashion Club,Munich/Top:H&M/Skirt:H&M/Bag:Vintage/Bracelet:H&M/Aviator:Topshop

1.An old castle,on top of the hill 2.The globe with man standing on it,city center 3.My friend4.Me in the pathway,before climbing up the hill in skirt! 5.Salzburg city,view from up hill 6.Me with Salzburg city as the background friend,on top of the hill 8.View through a window in the castle 9.Scenery,with Alps at the back 10.Greeen! sitting on a step in the old castle 12.Down the hill 13.Some statue 14.Statue and horse ride,city center 15.The crystal clear river!I almost wanted to jump in and swim!

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