Saturday, 14 January 2012

Arabian Date

Hello guys,
These are the pictures from last Tuesday,on Ramon's last day in KL before we headed out to KLIA to send him back to Germany,which is also the end of his 4-week trip to South East Asia.Well,we didn't do much that day except bowling,finding some of his favourite groceries here in local supermarket,and I convinced him to buy a new pair of shoes for his sister's wedding and that's all.

We ended our day by having dinner at one of our favourite Arab restaurants,Tarbush in Sunway.Believe me if I say the beriani there is super awesome,but apparently,my stomach is too small to finish all,so I took home the rest after only finished 1/4 of the meal.But it was very good.
And what's your plan for the weekend?
Till then.guys.

Jacket:F21(S'pore)/T-shirt:Zara/Jeans:Mango/Flats:Fashion Club,Munich/Clutch:F21(S'pore)

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