Thursday, 12 January 2012


As promised,here are some pictures from short Singapore trip last week.This time I didn't visit many landmarks,as I visited almost every landmark here about 2 years ago.This time,I had chance to go to Singapore Zoo,just next to Night Safari and the zoo itself it pretty amazing.

And for the first time,I went up to  the newest Singapore landmark,Marina Bay Sand Buildings,and topped off the nice view of Singapore from up there.It was very amazing to see how this city has so many skyscrappers because I love skyscrappers so much!

A visit to Singapore wouldn't be complete without visiting Merlion,which I did after a shopping spree along Orchard Road and some malls.

When I purchased a few stuff from Forever21 here,I realized the prices here are slightly cheaper than F21 offers in Malaysia.For example I bought a jacket at $35,and I saw the same jacket in F21 here that costs RM140.(Rm2.40 equals to $1).
So,guess we Malaysians pay more import taxes here.
So,until then,see you guys in next post.


  1. memang sgt cantik pemandangan di sana Dayah..:)

  2. awesome pictures!! especially those pink flamingos & city lights at night. :)

  3. ohmygod! these are gorgeous pictures! wow! I love the pictures of the animals, wow (:

  4. Babe! You were in Singapore and you dint tell me?!?! Hahahaha we could have met up and went shopping! :)

  5. omg! how long have i not been blogging!? you were in singapore and we could have met up! :( please come back soon and we can go shopping! <3


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