Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Hello dear readers,
We're already on the second day of New year,and how was your first day of 2012?Mine was great,except a small something something had happened to me,which somehow had effected my mood for the rest of the day :(

Now hoping for a better day. Nothing much from me today,just want to share some of my resolutions of this year and what have I achieved and not last year.  

2011 resolutions

1)Earn more money - Kind of DONE,though not much
2)Be more fashionable - I think I did :P
3)Euro Trip - Done,big thanks to my lovely Ramon
4)Keep a good relationship with every people I love (Family,Ramon,good friends) - I think I did with most people,and guess what,I make a lot more friends through this blog so far.Thanks a big time to all of you too. 
 5)Be a good muslimah,pray and obey to God's obligations,which includes of doing more sunnah like reciting Quran - Not so satisfied with myself :(,but this one will for sure be my constant resolution every now and then
6)A wedding - Hehe,still strike for this thing to happen this year :P
7)Strike for a good health - Unfortunately I fell sick so many times this year
8)Lose weight - I did and constantly doing
9)Eat healthily - I think I kind of did though still indulge in those sweet sweet things.

I think those are the things I constantly worked on last year,and so far I am satisfied,except point no 6 and 7.

Let's check what's my resolutions for this year ;-

1)Stop massive shopping!!!
2)Save more money for big thing!
3)Do more little trips from time to time(I plan to visit as many countries in South East Asia as I can)
4)Eat healthily
5)Lose more weight
6)Earn more
7)Strike for better health than last year
8)Walk more in heels than in flats :P
9)Be a good servant to God,including do more sunnah things
10)Be good to my family,friends and loved one.

And what's yours? Last but not least,I want to wish everyone once again, "Happy New Year 2012"

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  1. Happy nu year, Hidaya! cant wait to see you in Jogja as u'r planinng! amien.. :)


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