Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A visit to an orphanage

On Sunday,I joined a group of new friends celebrating residents of an orphanage in Kajang.They are kids aged between 12-18 years old,and most of them are orphans,and some come from very poor family.

To be honest,this is my first time involved in such activity,although I have always wanted to contribute a little of my time and energy to visit the unfortunate ones.

We are lucky to be born on the "other" side of the "world",still have parents,relatives and siblings,and if not rich,we were born fortunate enough to live life,but meeting these kids gave me an image that there are more people out there who couldn't live at the same par as us,don't have enough money and food,whilst we whine over a small and almost pointless thing and not worth an argument.

I myself am not a perfect person,sometimes could be a spoil brat,but these kids had taught me how ungrateful of a person I am when I have everything more than what I ever needed.

This was my first experience celebrating these kids,I'm sure,if God willing,I will take part in more programs like this in time to come.

Meeting new friends as well,we come from different backgrounds
This is the hostel where these kids live in

See their happy faces?
We organized some fun games for them
A new friend,Jane
Jane,me and Laili
We also had a motivational activity for them,asked them to present how their future lives would look like
And this message made our eyes watered
Last but not least,a group photo!

What I wore
Inner:F21(Last seen here)
Boot Cut Jeans:Mango(New)
Bag:Mango(Last seen here)
Bracelet:Mango Touch
Shoes:Charles&Keith(Last seen here)

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