Monday, 15 October 2012

Bad Hijab Day

Another wedding I attended yo! The venue was in Putrajaya,and may I say,the food at the wedding was the best ever served at a wedding out of all the weddings I have ever been to? We even brought back some leftover home! *Tak malu*

I had a messy hijab day that day because I realized that I didn't really have a suitable hijab to be worn with my new top I bought at Glam Charity Bazaar a couple of weeks ago,thus explains why my hijab was very messy as in the pictures:(

I'm sure,once in a while,we have messy hijab kinda day :P
So,no worries ladies,we won't judge your day :P

Happy New Week everyone!

Top:Bought from a booth called "Garden Paisley"(New)
Bottom:Custom Made(Last seen here)
Bag:Mango(Last seen here)
Shoes:H&M(Last seen here)


  1. Nampak lovely je,, if that one was messy, i xde chance la nampaknya nak jadi lovely. Heheh.

  2. lovely outfits..xnmpk messy pun but beautiful:)

  3. Love your bag & that blue color!:)

  4. Hi all!
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