Thursday, 18 October 2012

Recipe 14:Tom Yam

Another recipe for you guys! Who doesn't know Tom Yam,a spicy Thai food?I am Thai food lover,and Tom Yam is my first love of Thai food before I was introduced to other Thai food. 
Here's the recipe. 

Chicken Breast(Cut into small cubes)
One Red Onion*
Few garlic cloves*
Red Hot Chillis*
Kaffir Leaves/Bay leaves
Tom Yam Paste Cubes(I used Maggee)
Carrot(Cut into long slices)
Red Chilli(cut into slices)
Small red onion
Coriander Leaves
Chilli Sauce

*Blend these ingredients

How to
1.Heat oil in a pot and saute the blended ingredients when the oil is hot.
2.Saute for a few minutes and later on add chicken
3.Let the chicken cook for a while and when it's cooked add water to adjust your tom yam volume.
4.Keep stirring and add the Tom Yam Paste cube,I used 2 cubes for one medium sized pot
5.And then I added a little bit of chilli sauce to add the reddish color to the tom yam
6.Add the hard vegetables first like carrot and cauliflower and red onion
7.Later add tomato and chillis,adjust the taste with salt.
8.Add lemongrass and kaffir leaves
8.Lastly,scatter the coriander leaves(chopped) in your pot

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  1. Thanks for this post!! My hubby's newest favorite! I'll try this inshaallah!! Looks really yummy..


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