Wednesday, 26 December 2012

As Blue As the Sky

As blue as the sky,and as enormous as it is,that's how beautiful and big my love for you is :P
Hehe,that's just a random "pantun" from me.

How are you guys?And how did you spend your christmas holiday yesterday?Me?as I spoke in earlier post,I wanted to go to Sunway Pyramid and take the pictures of the christmas deco there for Ramon,which I did,but only driving around and I gave up by exiting it as the parking lots were all full and almost possible to find a vacant one,so I decided to drive away after 10 minutes.Haha

Next week is the new year and school will start back,and I may also be back at school ;-)
no big school like master's degree or pHD,but something quite big to begin with :P
What is it?Let's just wait and see.

I wore everything blue from head to toe today and on repeat.After a while,I realized I got bored shopping clothes and clothes and clothes!

Speaking of which,I still have a big basket of clothes unfolded :P

Until then,see ya !

Maxi dress:H&M(Last seen here)
Denim Jacket:Mango(Last seen here)
Bag:Gifted(Last seen here)
Bib Necklace:Diva


  1. wah, hidaya cantik..
    semua kena dgn gaya..necklace mengancam..:)

  2. cantik :)
    Salam kenalan. saya follower awak yang ke-52

  3. Love your dress, have the same one :))
    And by the way, how long are your "winter/christmas" holidays? :)

    1. I only had one day of holiday.And after that get back to work.No long holiday for me


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