Saturday, 22 December 2012

Playing Bond Girl

Hello guys and happy weekend.
What a long week behind me,and finally I could sit back and relax at lovely home.
The past couple of weeks have been very hectic moments for me,work particularly and thus explains why I haven't been blogging lately.

Today for example,I just wanted to be at home,watching tv or cooking or baking like what I am doing now(recipe coming up right soon) and just have the time of my life.

Today also I decided to play with some make up and in particular,this lipstick I got recently,it's Maybelline  631 Red Garnet from Thejewels collection.

Putting it on reminds me of the on-off antagonist Bond Girl in the latest Skyfall movie,which name I don't remember.

I love to see her face in that movie and the color of the lipstick makes her look so fabulous yet sexy!

Though I am nothing near beautiful like her.

What's your plan for the weekend guys?

Can you spot a "love" word?Got this beautiful ring from Diva

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