Monday, 3 December 2012


Hello guys,
How have you been?I am doing great.Last weekend was my time in my beloved second hometown,Penang.
I visited my grandma in particular,but also spent some time on the island,ate,shopped like no one else's business.Haha.

My parents and my two siblings were also at my grandma's house last weekend,so that's like killing two birds with a stone,to visit my grandma and relatives,and also to spend time with my family ;-)

I know Penang has become too overrated with stories of it's good food and shopping and whatnot,but I won't lie if I say these stories are always true when it comes to Penang famous food,and all the tids and bits you can shop to bring home.

My favourite?Char Kuey Teow!Yums.
My only brother.He totally copies my eyebrows:P
The famous Penang Bridge.
In front of Fort Cornwallis
Haha,I pretty much like this picture of me explaining the formation of Pulau Pinang to my brother,though he didn't pay attention :P
My brother,playing as a prisoner
Batu Feringgi
On the ferry,on our way home
Char Kuey Teow!!
Maxi dress:Thepoplook(Last seen here)
Scarf:Bought in Paris over a year ago!!(Last seen here)
Shoes:Unbranded(Last seen here)
Bag:Gifted(Last seen here)

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  1. my hometown..rindunya nak balik..nak mkn,nk shopping, nk jenjalan..kampung nenek dayah kt mana?


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