Monday, 15 April 2013

We're Getting Hitched!

Guten Morgen, 
 So,as I mentioned in the earlier post,I have an announcement to make,well looking at the tittle,you can already guess what the fuss is all about :P 

So,this thing explains a lot of my absence these days ;-) In fact,the wedding date is not that far anymore,in few months actually.

So,InsyaAllah,if everything goes fine as planned,we'll tie the knot in August! 
 One more thing that I haven't yet gotten the chance to announce is,on April 1st,meinem lieben Ramon finally embraced Islam with his full heart.Alhamdulillah. 3 years and this is the beginning?Yes,I know,slow poke.But Alhamdulillah for everything. He's been doing very fine with his "new" life,and it's our responsibilities to teach and guide him from now on. 

 Though he's leaving again in less than 10 days :(
He always said,"I need to do work hardly from now on,because you're "expensive" ". Haha,well,he meant it as a joke,of course. 

Actually,We have set up a project wedding blog,but lately,we've been quite lazy to update,since running two blogs isn't easy and I don't have a lot time for that. So,I think I'll stick to this blog to update my progress from time to time. But,if you still want to check our project wedding blog,you can go straight here ;- 

4 more months,people!! I'm officially a bridezilla now :(



  1. Woww congratulation dear.oh ohh u guys look the same org kata pjg jodoh tuh..iAllah amin.. ;) so, wish everything will run smoothly yarr

  2. Alhamulillah.. Happy for you both. May Allah Bless You..

  3. congrats dear hidaya =D

    i can't wait =DD

  4. Mashallah, I am so happy for you two...Congrats on the engagement and approaching wedding!! looking forward to your wedding updates...

  5. i am so happy for you Hidaya!


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