Monday, 22 April 2013

Trick Art Museum

On the weekend,my sister arrived from Kuantan to visit me and Ramon and she asked us to help her buying a new notebook.

She spent time with us the whole weekend and suggested us to bring her to this Trick Art Museum in iCity.
Eventhough I've been to iCity many times,but I never heard of this one attraction there,and so we drove there on Saturday night.

I was brain-slept the time when we arrived,as I was very tired from doing a lot of stuff since morning.However,once I stepped in the museum,I was at my highest peak of activeness when I couldn't stop  making all the fun poses with the trick arts there.

It was so much fun and not just that,my groom-to-be also did his "special" poses that night.

Till then,enjoy the pictures!


  1. u guys awesome !!..riaksi muka masing-masing menjadi and kena dengan keadaan gambar tu..hehee..

  2. Hehehe. Sooooo cute all of you!

  3. haha..cute giler muka korang buat aksi2 cmtu..mmg menjadi..:)


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