Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Soft Palette

So,it has been few months already since I last had my "normal" weekend.Normal as I got to wake up late on Sunday morning and then headed to brunch while reading some books or doing my German class revision.

But,I never complain,although at the end of the day,I was very exhausted from driving from north to sourth and forth,or walking in the hot climate nowadays,but I know,I want the best for my wedding.

Last Sunday,we went to Nilai 3 to buy a lot of stuff for the big day.I wanted to buy some more,but considering my small car,and 3 people occupied inside,I canceled it and will come back for more soon ;-)

Eventhough I will feel feakingly tired at the end of the day,but I don't want to leave my facial and body regime behind because who wants to look all smudgy or dull on their wedding day?

Any tips on beauty regime?
Pants:Brands Outelets
Half-moon scarf:Aeon Subang
Shoes:Bought at Bugis Street,Singapore


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