Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Just Married

Salam guys,
 How have you guys been doing? I'm doing very good here,and I think I have to break this silence from world blogging by writing this post tonight :-) 

Alhamdulillah,this year's raya celebration was awesome despite the fact that we had bigger celebration which is my wedding. On 10th of August,I have officially become Mrs Bisswanger to my dear husband. 

No perfect word to describe how much happy I am now that my life is fulled with joy and happiness. Allah has granted me with the most beautiful family I could ever ask for,and now He brought another person into my life. 

We have gone through so many obstacles for the past 3 years,that makes us much stronger than before,and we know bigger challenges will come into our way,but InsyaAllah,we'll never look back and give up before time comes.

 I decided to post these 2 photos from our solemnization and Reception days each from my camera for you guys. We're still waiting for our official pictures from OP,but until then,hope you guys enjoy our great moments together.

Love, Hidaya and Ramon


  1. Congratulation Hidaya and Ramon..:)

  2. Askm. Congratulations and Celebration..! ^_^
    I wish u a happy married life till Jannah. Ameeen..

  3. Auwww im so much happy here for both of you!!! many many congrats and yup wish u hv a blessing marriage til jannah..amin.. :)

  4. Alhamdulillah...

    Semoga berkekalan hingga akhir hayat.. :)

    1. I think you mean HIDAYA.Hehe,it's ok,thanks anyway!

  5. Oh! Mash'Allah, you two look so cute and sweet together. May Allah (swt) bless and protect your marriage...Happy for you girl!


  6. congratulation may this marriage kekal ke syurga. amin


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