Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wedding Journey Part 1

Hola friends,
How have you guys been doing?I am well despite the fact  that my husband has left me a week ago ;(
Looks like this long distance episode is not gonna end just yet.

Well,we hope for not too long as I am currently waiting for my visa to be ready which we hope to get it soon before I can fly to Germany.

A week after our wedding was fulfilled with a lot of activities especially with the process of submitting documents  for the visa at German Embassy,and then we headed to Penang to meet my old grandma who was very eager to come to my wedding but due to her poor condition,my mom's siblings didn't allow her,so being a good grandkids(hehe) we drove there for a night stay and came back a day before Ramon's flight back home.

It has been a hectic week for both of us,and at this moment,we both have to be very patient and strong in absence of each other.

It sucks to the core,you know,to be separating with your loved ones,especially when you're attached to them.

Nevertheless,I have a story to tell!
A little review of my wedding!
I may separate the story in 2 entries because there are just so many pictures to publish in one post.
I still have to pick our wedding pictures to be sent back to the OP for editing and photoalbum,so until then,here's the story about our wedding journey.

Guestbook Table.At first my family thought the idea is gonna be wasted because they thought not many people will come up to sign the book.But guess what,many people did,and we were so overwhelmed with all the precious thoughts!

The crepe paper flowers in can vase.I made it with my sisters and we put all over places.A good idea for cost-saving and it was a fun activity to do with your siblings!

We also had this tiny little paper clipper made by my beloved mother-in-law.After the event,the guests can take the clippers back home.

"Meja Beradap".The original meja beradap by the bridal boutique was quite plain and simple,so I added more DIY stuff on it,at first I wanted to put more and more until my husband said no :P.
He knew I won't stop until someone said so.

Our wedding cakes!I said no to fondant cakes so creamed cakes were my choices.They were made by my mom's friend aka my teacher from standard one.

Also alongside the wedding cakes were the cute tiny cupcakes,also made by my standard one teacher.

I gave up at first to make this flower-tied sampin,and wanted to go with the plain-tied sampin until my cousin's son was kind enough to help us doing it.He said he did it few times before,so he was quite good at it.Thanks saviour!

Everytime I looked at this dress,my heart was always filled with anger and dissapointment.It was at last saved by a kind friend,who fixed it until it looks nicer than before,but I can't still forget what the original tailor had done to it.But it was fixed perfectly and many people commented nicely about it too ;-)

Hantarans from him to me.The watch and bracelet missing in the picture due to safety reason,but the fast-finishing items from the hantarans are the Hanuta,German chocolate sandwiches that taste so good,it is basically a sandwich of nutella filling between two waffles.Many people liked it and ask for some more!

Hantarans from me to him.Also the watch and tablet missing due to safety reason.All the hantaran decorations of both sides made by me.

So many pictures already,will continue in part 2.

Till then!

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