Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Raya 2013

Hello guys,
Raya was over(not so much I think :P) and weird as it is,I still haven't updated my raya story this year.
Truth to be told,we didn't have a big celebration this year due to my wedding,but we had one at least ;-)

It was also Ramon's first raya celebration this year,having said that,he enjoyed a lot of good raya food and experienced something very different than he ever did in the past 28 years.

We also did enjoy our small celebration like any other previous years.
So,as I have mentioned before,I didn't have anything extravaganza to wear on raya days,due to more attention given to my wedding dresses.

I only had 2 baju kurung custom-made for me,but what made our day the most is the fact that all my family members were at presence on raya day.

Last year one of my sisters couldn't make it as she was on duty on hari raya!
I told her nothing to be sad about because I had 4 times of raya far away from home!

So guys,how was your raya celebration this year?

In the next entry,I may write a bit about my wedding things.

Till then.

*Tahun depan kena balas dendam ni pakai baju raya cantik2 :P*

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