Sunday, 1 September 2013


To be honest,my life before and after marriage hasn't changed that much,or maybe not yet as a week after ourwedding,we have to be separated T_T

Not that I am complaining,but I am just a bit afraid that once we reunite,I might need to change my mind that I am not a single lady anymore,who can simply do things I always do when being a single,like going out for movie and come home at anytime I want.

Of course,the thing that has changed is in anything I want to do,I have to ask permission and opinion from my husband as that's what Islam teaches us married ladies to do.

So far,my husband has been very supportive and never said no to anything I want to do ;-)

So,today I went for some movies with my best friend,as these few weeks left might be the last time we're gonna hang out as "single" ladies :P

I have another day off tomorrow,so until then!


*Tengah High :P*
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