Monday, 16 September 2013

Engagement Party

Happy Malaysia day!
Today is the last day of long public holiday,and tomorrow I have to get back to work.Not long anymore,2 more weeks and I'm done with my current and first job in Malaysia.I have started working with Proton since May 2009,right after my graduation and I never expected to meet my then boyfriend there who finally legally married to me :)

When to think of this all,I could never imagine how well Allah has planned everything for His servant when I always complained about any dissatisfaction that ever happened in my life,which some of them almost killed my feelings.

I am so blessed and we should always believe in Qada' and Qadar from Allah.

2 weeks from now,my husband will come and pick me home.Yes,home,Germany.It is mainly due to my not-so-well condition now,my husband is very worried to leave me alone anymore,and I also need the biggest moral support from him,so Insya Allah if everything is well,I will be leaving Malaysia for my new home on second week of October.

Today we went to an engagement party of my friend's relative,had good food and on our way home,we stopped by at one of our favourite gardens for little sight-seeing.

I love my tie dye skirt so much.

What say you?

*I love playing with these leaves since I was a young girl*


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