Friday, 20 September 2013

Solemnization 10.8.2013

Alhamdulillah,I am now married to the most wonderful guy in my life over a month ago *Sila jangan muntah :P*

Since the first time we met over 3 years ago at my work place,I knew already I would end up marrying this guy :P

Along the way,we have gone through many problems and obstacles,be it the problems from ourselves and from people's perceptions around us.

Being a girl who never tend to care what the damn people say about me or us,we're finally on one road,road to build a family in the future with God's blessing.

After over a month,today finally I want to share some of our pictures from solemnization.I will upload pictures from our reception as well ;)

Till then,

Hidaya and Ramon


  1. ya ya gimme more! haha never tired of adoring ur marriage photos dear..hv a blessing marriage amin.. ;)

  2. cantiknya! semoga berkekalan till Jannah :)

  3. cantik =)

    moga hubungan ini akan menjadi sakinah


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