Sunday, 16 February 2014

A weekend in Munich

Salam guys,
I had a wonderful weekend in Munich with my husband.It has been long since we have our little excursion especially since my days were miserable with morning sickness and laziness sympthoms :P

This time he forced me to come out of the house during the weekend.And,little that we knew,we had summer in winter!It was spectacular after a long gloomy winter we've been having.I just let my the sunshine through my body and did not wear my jacket on the daytime on Saturday.On Sunday the weather totally changed to sunny bright to gloomy day.

Glad that we spent time walking around when the weather was nice.

Here are some pictures to sum-up my weekend.

How was your weekend?

 At Nymphenburg Castle,my favourite castle in Munich,I was once here in Summer and the scenery was spectacular.

Flower Brooch:F21
 Had lunch at a Persian restaurant and the food was scrumptious.

 Mini dress:Primark
Mary Anne Shoes:Deichmann

Went to BMW Museum

BMW Isetta in 1955


Thanks for dropping by !