Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Little Sightseeing

Salam guys,
Finally weekend is here.This morning the sun shined brightly,so we decided to go out with the thinnest jacket I have,little that we expect,it suddenly became cloudy and my light jacket cannot do me any favor from feeling cold :P

Oh,what do you say about my new banner?My husband had done a great job for me.It was last 2 years since the last time I did something fresh to my blog,and hopefully with this new face,I will blog some more :-)

Till then.

Bag:Bought in Italy

My baby bump at 16 weeks 3 days

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  1. salam hidaya...estimation untuk berat dalam 2.2kg..sorry lambat balas sebab kite on holiday mase awak tnye tue.. :)


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