Friday, 28 March 2014

Babymoon London Day 1

Assalam guys,
Here I am blogging currently from my hotel room in London!
We arrived this evening and gonna be here for another 4 days.It's our babymoon holiday!

It is definitely my first time here,been dreaming of coming to this city I saw a lot in English movies since I was a little kid,and after SPM tried to apply to further my studies in UK,but Japan was my destination(Which is so far the best place I've ever lived in after Malaysia).

Thanks to my dear husband who made my huge dream came true.

Well,for the first day,we spent the whole evening at Tower Bridge and London Tower,riding the infamous double-decker bus and went to Piccadily Circus to see it at night.We'll come back there again one of this days.

And,It's freaking cold here,Spring definitely is not here yet :(

Here are some pictures to sum up our first day here.


Tower Bridge

London Tower

Tower Bridge at night and opened for a ship to across it

Riding the double-decker bus on the right side again :P

My other half

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