Saturday, 1 March 2014


Salam guys,
Finally weekend is here.How is your weekend so far?The weather gets a bit better than before,although still cold,but many budding flowers can be seen,meaning Spring is coming soon.

I love Spring,well a lot than Winter for so many reasons.

Already have some plan what we want to do during this Spring season,and this time around,before I hit my third trimester and before the belly gets bigger and bigger :P

A Little Update on the Pregnancy

Since last week,I had a terrible back pain right after I woke up from bed.When it happened to me 3 days in a row eventhough I sleep in the same bed from the beginning,I suspected it had something to do with me lacking of calcium.And I read that starting this week,the baby's bones started to turn harder than before,so probably the baby is absorbing my calcium.So,I have started drinking a cup of milk everyday ever since and I see some positive result since then.The back pain still comes and goes,but not as bad as before.

And starting from this week,I can feel the baby's making some stretches in my uterus.At first I thought it was just my own hiccups,but then I realized it's something different that what I experienced before.

The baby also has been very active inside me since my husband and I can hear some kind of bubble sounds  in the water quite frequently.At first I thought it's my stomach processing food,but it comes from quite under the stomach,so then I knew,it comes from the baby since I also read in some book and on the internet about this bubbles meaning your baby is doing very active in your stomach :)

Sweet things like these make me ponder a lot about life and Allah's creations :)

Till then,guys.


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  1. salaam hidaya!...
    it's been awhile since I have read your updates...congrats on the pregnancy...May Allah make it a safe journey for you and your bubz....excited for you!
    take it easy.


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