Monday, 10 March 2014

Spring is Here and My Thought on MH370

Assalam guys,
Finally Spring is here.We went out to the park on Sunday and I had a little weather shock as I had not seen sun for quite some time,which left me with light headache at first,and continues with quite severe headache later on.However I'm glad that my favourite season is finally here.Flowers blooming out everywhere.

As world was surprised with the news of the missing Malaysia Airlines Carrier,MH370,I as a fellow Malaysian feel it so much it hurts everytime I look forward to hearing further news since the day it was reported missing.

It was very shocking and saddening to hear such news.A world tragedy never had a big impact in my life till this one.

As a fellow Malaysian and a quite regular customer of MAS since it was the first Airlines that brought me to Japan to fulfill my dream,and it was still my number one favourite up to today,I feel how much of a lost world is having.

I will keep praying for a miracle for it to appear soon,and hope that every one of us will never lose hope and keep praying as well so that this airplane will make it come back home.

We are all waiting for you.


Till then guys.

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