Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sophia Alayna,the Princess

Some pictures of Alayna taken by me at home :-)
Why no updates these days?Because our life is pretty much the same,and there's not so much to story about.And my OOTD these days are my comfy clothes at home :P

She is 37 days old today,and she has developed some characters already.Always grinning from time to time or when she sees my face early in the morning because she knows her "breakfast" is ready :-).

She also started to refuse things with her hands and tongue,she also sometimes not a patient person like me :P,can be noticed easily during breastfeeding time and some more new characters.

After my confinement period is over(which I cannot wait anymore :P),I will update more.
Till then people.


  1. Congrats dear..your baby is super duper cuteee..

  2. dah lama tak visit blog akak. tahniah kak. comel sangat baby.

  3. Adorable Alayna. Masyaallah...geram nye

  4. wow, congrats, Hidaya! what a beautiful baby girl. :)


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