Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Aidiladha and Alayna's Aqiqah

Salam guys,
It was indeed a nice raya Aidiladha celebration this year for the rest of our family.Last year I reached Germany on the day of Aidiladha and only celebrated it with my dear husband,this year we got the chance to celebrate it with my family.

The next day after Aidiladha was Alayna and her papa's Aqiqah day,we made a feast with around 200 guests coming,and she was all dolled-up that day as a little princess.

More pictures to sum up the events.Till then guys.

Our little Family

Anak manja papa

"See,I can give a flying kick!"

On Raya Aidiladha 

I've long craved for nasi kenduri

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  1. i pon tgh craving for nasi berlauk kenduri. counting days ni nak balik umah mil .. huhu.
    Hi Hidayash ! jumpa kat sini pulak kan? hehe


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