Saturday, 29 November 2014


It feels just like yesterday I met my first born and she was so tiny and too fragile for me to handle.And next week she'll turn 4 mnths old already.

How time flies.And because of that feeling,I sometimes feel the little sadness inside me that my baby girl grows too fast and I wish that she could slow down on that a lil bit :P

Mother's dilemma.

Too much to expect from a soon-going-to-be-4-month-old baby.Today you see she's behaving this way,next you'll see she'll be behaving totally different :)

As parents,we feel so grateful with this gift,seeing her growing up each day is very exciting and full of surprises on what's coming next.

Alhamdulillah,as far as we've seen,she's a very strong and healthy little girl and we pray that she'll have an easy way ahead.

Mama and papa love you so much,little darling :)

Anything for you,just for you.

Bosch Parkhaus,do you know that Bosch originates from Stuttgart?

My OOTD that gets simpler each day :P

"Higher papa!with mama's no fun,coz she's short"

The remaining of Autumn this year

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