Friday, 12 December 2014

Cuti-cuti Malaysia : Penang

Salam guys,
We just got back from our Paris trip on Wednesday,and it was a very nice getaway for us!
It was my second trip to Paris after the first one in 2011,and I was so mesmerized by everything in Paris.

It was also Alayna's first trip there,and the trip this time was a lot different than last time,considering we were with a baby.

But before that,I'd like to share some pictures of our trip to Penang when we were in Malaysia last time.I know too late,but better late than never :P

The main purpose we came to Penang was because to visit my grandma and other relatives,and at the same time we(noted:I) were on Penang food hunting,which turned out that many of the so-called famous Penang food is not up to my bud taste(boo on that),and basically to just relax,and have good time with each other.

Ok,these are some pictures from our last trip and Singapore and Paris trips will follow soon.


Penang and its street art

Roti Canai at Transfer road,hmmm bolehlah

Another street art

The sleeping beauty in her car seat

The infamous penang food,Pasembor,but to be honest,a lot has changed since I was a kid,banyak yg nak laku aje without considering the taste and the price wise is also ridiculous

Floating Mosque,Batu Feringgi

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  1. i dah lama tak g penang... rindunya nak makan2 kat sana.
    Cepat update Paris trip.. hihi


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