Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Paris Day 2

On the next day in Paris,we walked and walked in the whole city,exploring Paris.It was not a sunny day though,but the low temperature did help us a lil bit.During this trip,we focused more on touring Paris without really going inside the museums or interesting places.

We walked along Seine River to have a nice view of Eiffel Tower from other part of Paris.And we found Paris very own Statue of Liberty.Well,many tourists do not know of this one because Eiffel gains a lot more fame than this one.And then we walked to Trocadero,a famous place to take pictures of Eiffel.Later we went to Arc De Triomphe and walked the whole way from there passing Champs Elysees,and walked until Musee Du Lourve.Fuh,if you've ever been to Paris,you must have idea how long we have walked that day.

More pictures to sum up our day.Till then,people.

Pont Bir Hakeim,one of the famous bridges in Paris

Stopped to feed my baby

Jardin de Tuilleries

Musee du Lourve

Arc de Triomphe

Metro station in Paris

Place de la Concorde

Jardin de Tuilleries

Merry-go Round at Jardin de Tuilleries

Along the Seine River

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