Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Singapore 2014

Salam guys,
Just yesterday someone commented on my previous post,asking me to update my Paris trip.Haha,can't believe that there is still someone who's reading this blog.

These days I am more active on Instagram,it's easy to update pictures there rather than blogging.But well of course,without blog,there is no instagram,right?

Well,before I update on my Paris trip,I still have to update my Singapore trip last time during our cuti-cuti Malaysia.

But since I've been there few times already,so I guess I might just skip the longer descriptions to shorter ones,and some pictures only.

Till then,

 We stayed at Fullerton Hotel.Not :P

 Went to Gardens by the Bay

The artificial waterfall at one of the gardens

I still have the baby fat :(

"I don't care mama,sleeping is a lot better"

Marina Bay Sands at night

Marina Bay Sands again

The Merlion at night

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  1. Saya pembaca setia blog awak. Suka tengok gambar yang cantik-cantik.


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