Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Travel : Tokyo Part 2

Salam guys,
It has been a hectic week for us here.We traveled to and fro to several places in a matter of few days!from KL to Mersing,Johor and back to KL and later flew to Penang and now we're back in my hometown,KB.

Not long until our travel resumes on Saturday back to Germany.Fuh.Well,for now I'd like to update my Tokyo trip from late last month.

I brought my husband to many of the interesting places in Tokyo and places that I have a lot of memories with.After bringing him to several landmarks of Tokyo,which are also the famous places full of high sky buildings and department stores,he said he had enough of Tokyo :P
He expected something different and irregular other than buildings and shopping places.

Well,if I would give my opinion about Tokyo,yes it's a metropolitan city full with tall buildings,crowded with millions of population,people are always in rush,a city full of shopping malls,and definitely not a good place for me to live in in addition with its high cost living.

However,a trip to Japan wouldn't be complete without visiting Tokyo.After all,it's the capital city of Japan,and actually,if one really enjoys what this city can offer,it would be a lifetime experience.

Meiji Shrine/Temple

Old temple dedicated to Emperor Meiji for his contribution in Meiji Restoration in Japan.It's a bit outside from Harajuku JR station and can be reached by walking.

 The entrance

 The Barrel of sake/alcohol
 donated to this temple

 Another smaller entrance closer to the temple

 My husband in front of the temple


An urban shopping street for young people takes place here.On Sunday,this place also becomes the meeting point for Tokyoites or people all over places to come and gather in their animated-inspired costumes.

 The entrance to Harajuku shopping place,just opposite to the Harajuku JR station on the other side of the road

 The shopping street in Harajuku

 Japanese Crepes!I was all over this crepes when I lived in Japan some time ago


 Odaiba is an artificial island across the Rainbow Bridge where many industrial,residential,and leisure spots take place.It can be accessed by special Yurikamome line from Shinbashi station.More tips on Tokyo travel in the coming post

 The Replica of Statue of Liberty with Rainbow Bridge as the background

 Fuji Television building.I once took a tour inside this television station in 2006 during my first visit to Tokyo

Giant Gundam in front of Diver City Mall.The last time I came in Tokyo in 2008 the mall was not yet there,or probabyly I didn't pay much attention :P

 Inside the Yurikamome train crossing the Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba

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