Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Travel : Venice Day 1

Assalam everyone.
So sorry for not updating this blog frequently these past few days.Sometimes,you have no reason not to update.Haha,well,I just have to admit,sometimes I was just too lazy to update because some posts may need few hours to complete especially posts with many pictures and descriptions.

Well,I hope I can update this blog more religiously.And December is finally here.This means we have less than a month till new year.I have a marvellous 2015 so far,but I really hope more good things will come our way in 2016 :)

Today is the update of my Venice trip last month.Venice is my favourite city of all cities in Italy.It was my second time last time,and I dare to say that I enjoyed this trip a lot more than last time.

We were greeted with very nice and bright weather for the whole 2 days we were there,Alhamdulillah.And Venice looked extra beautiful in good weather.

We started driving from Milan to Venice that took us around 2 hours early in the morning.After very very heavy breakfast(Because the food selections were generous and many food was good) at our hotel in Milan.For the record,we stayed at this very nice 4-star hotel located at the suburb of Milan.Despite its quality,we payed very very cheap for a freaking big and modern family room,only 49 Euros per day including breakfast buffet!

Well,my husband said,it was a promotion when he booked the hotel,although the real price per night is double than what we paid.We were so satisfied during our stay at this hotel.

Hotel da Vinci.Maybe the owner of this hotel likes Da Vinci so much :P.Every decoration inside and outside this hotel has something to do with him

The drive to Venice was also nice and we arrived there at noon.So,we parked our car at the provided park house before crossing the island of Venice because no cars or any other transports other than water transports can access into the area of Venice.It's not far at all,just around 5 minutes walk to the island of Venice from the main land.

Upon arrival,it was not time yet for check-in,so we decided to have a stroll at the nearby area and eat gelato!If you ever come to Italy,don't miss the chance to eat gelato because gelato here is relatively cheap and many selections too!I had gelato 2 days in a row when I was in Venice!

One of the many many canals in Venice.This place has less people compared to the center of Venice.

The local Venetian houses

Canal that connects to the sea

I had Mint(top) and Straciatella(bottom).It was yo yummy!

After some time strolling around the less crowded area of Venice,we decided to check our hotel area and check whether we can already check-in or not.FYI,accomodation on the island of Venice is quite expensive and please don't expect to get a nice hotel room.Many of the hotels are actually the apartments that are converted into hotel rooms by the owners.

We were quite satisfied with ours,nevertheless.After some rest and performed prayers,we decided to explore more side of Venice since we now didn't have to carry our luggage around.Our aim was to head to Piazza San Marco to catch the sunset of the day.

On the way to Piazza San Marco

The Gondolas carrying passengers cruising on the canals.Two times in Venice we never bothered ourselves to go on a ride,mostly because it is quite expensive.And according to my husband,for 30 minutes ride,the gondoliers won't really be taking you to nicer parts of Venice and the water of the canals smell quite badly :P.Maybe that was just his excuse :P.But I was also not eager to ask for a ride.

Ponte di Rialto/Rialto Bridge,the most famous bridge in Venice

Venice is also famous with Masquerades sold as souvenirs

Piazza San Marco that is always crowded with tourists

San Marco Basilica.I heard the architecture from inside is amazing,but we didn't get to go inside as the queue was quite long,we didn't want to wait because our baby might not like to wait :P

At Piazza San Marco,I wanted to go up the lookout tower called Campanile di San Marco,just opposite to the San Marco Basilica to enjoy the scenery of Venice from up there.Again this time my husband didn't join as he had to take care of our daughter downstairs.I made it a quick visit going up as I didn't want to let my husband wait long.However,I really enjoyed the scenery from up the tower especially when the weather was so nice that day.Caught a glimpse of sunset as well from up there.It was worth a long queue and the 8 euros ticket I had to pay.

From on top of Campanile di San Marco

The other side of Venice from on top of the tower

The second day in Venice,we walked till that very end point of the church in the middle.On my first trip to Venice I always thought that that church is on another island and that we have to take the water bus going there,but in fact it is connected by small bridges crossing from one canal to the other and it is reachable by walking

See how many people were at Piazza San Marco

Catching the sunset.If you ever come to Venice,make sure to catch the sunset at San Marco because it is very beautiful.Two times I was here two times I waited for the sunset at this place

Doge's Palace on the left side connecting through the Bridge of Sighs to the prison on the right.The legendary Casanova was once imprisoned here before he later escaped.

On the way back to the hotel.This view at sunset simply made my day :)


  1. Assalamualaikum Hidayah, I come to like your blog more and more each day. I come accross your blog quite sometime ago and you talk mostly about fashion. But now you blog is full with beautiful photos from your trip. Now I checked your blog everyday. Just to see those beautiful scenery. And I will feel tertunggu-tunggu when will your next post be hehe. The photos quality are good I must say.....kipidap ya...


  2. you're always traveling! lucky u!!! love all the pics!!


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