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Travel : Gotthardpass,Swiss & Milan,Italy

Finally,the update of my Italy trip.So,apparently,it was my second time in Italy and gazzilionth time for my husband :P

Well,we choose Italy because of 2 main reasons:I love the country that has many interesting things to visit,and its food!!

As usual,we opted for road trip again this time,because we planned to visit 2 main cities in Italy which are Milan and Venice,and by road tripping there is always a possibility to stop on the way.

And this trip involved of 4 countries.From Germany to Swiss to Italy.And on the way back from Italy through Austria and lastly back in Germany.

The scenic nature view along the way when we reached in Swiss.Switzerland has never dissapointed me with its calm view

Last time going to Italy we drove through a veeeeery long tunnel over the Alps because the time when we drove there it was already winter.This time however,we chose to drive through Gotthardpass,passing Alps at the maximum height of 1500m plus.It was not much different in terms of distance compare to using the tunnel,and foremost we were served with beautiful scenery along the way.Oh,yes,but please bear in mind that the roads of Gotthardpass are narrow with steep slopes!

We stopped at the highest peak of Gotthardpass to enjoy the scenery

See the roads,those are the roads we took

And then we continued our journey to Italy.In total we spent around 5 1/2 hours until we reached Milan.For the accomodation,we opted for a hotel outside of the city center because it's not that easy to park the car in the city center.Our hotel is at the suburb of Milan city,but is easily accessible by metro and rapid train.However as there was a strike of the workers of the rapid train that day,so we had to walk a bit farther to the metro station.
After settled in the hotel for some time,we decided to go to the most famous place in Milan,Duomo and the plaza around.

We were greeted with Duomo and the weather was perfect that day.Very opposite to when I was here 2 years ago,it rained all day long when we were there,plus so cold,plus I was not so well due to morning sickness.This time though,I had a good memory to remember from my Milan trip

When at Duomo Plaza,always be aware of the swindlers trying to trick your money into their trap.They will pretend to be friendly to take your pictures,but later they will ask for your money.My husband had always warned me since last time we were there,so we were quite aware of this scam

She was very happy to catch the pigeons,running here and there without thinking any obstacles in front of her -__-

Piazza Duomo

At the back is the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II,a famous high-end shopping center.Afterall,Milan is famous as a hub for fashion lovers

This time in Milan I wanted to go up the terraces of Duomo as last time I didn't manage to do so mainly because it rained,so the terraces were closed due to wetness.But only me went up there as it is not a suitable place for babies with stroller,so husband had to wait downstairs :P .Oh,ya,the visitors have to pay to go up there.I chose to go up by lift because I wanted to save husband's waiting time.Ok,I lie,I just don't feel like stepping up that day haha :P

Up the terraces

Facing the shopping center from the terraces

The rooftop,people can sit and relax here while waiting for the sunset

After going down the lift,we walked some more towards the direction of the opera house and stopped on the way at a famous Milanese street food called "Panzerotti",a deep-fried pizza with various filling.I heard it was so famous because it tastes good and last time I saw a very long queue of people wanted to buy it.This time though there was no queue at all and I had my hands on this Panzerroti.It was good,although I would say nothing so special about it.It tasted just like Cakoi in Malaysia with tomato and cheese filling inside.


Leonardo da Vincci statue not far from Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.Last time we went to visit da Vinci Museum in the village where he was born called Vincci

The high-ends shopping center with my very expensive possession :P

The Ceilings of the shopping center

After Duomo and its surrounding,we took the metro to Castello Sforzesco,an old famous castle not far from Duomo.Actually,it is reachable by walking,but since it was getting darker earlier,we wanted to arrive before the sunset.On the way to Duomo,we enjoyed a long walk from the castle and later caught the metro back to the hotel and called it a day.

Castello Sforzesco

Stopped at a pizzeria near the metro station nearby our hotel.I ordered this Calzone,but it was tasteless,to be honest.I can make a lot better Calzone than this :P

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