Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Salam guys,
This year's christmas we decided to stay at home rather than going traveling somewhere.Well,we have travel plans after New year,tough,and we're expecting some guests tonight.So we as the hosts already planned several things to do and places to visit!It's gonna be a lot fun!

Last year we were at in laws' house on christmas,but this year we skipped christmas :P
We hope to make it again at their place next year.

Although we were just at home,husband cooked us a special german dish for the Xmas lunch called "Chicken Schnitzel" or for us Malaysians known as chicken chop but the chicken is cooked different way.Always enjoy this simple but tasty dish.

After that we decided to take a stroll at a hill nearby since weather was perfectly warm and sunny.Talking about weather,it feels weird that we have a very warm winter this year.As much as I hate winter coldness,but I have to be honest,I kinda miss it,especially the snow.

Well,winter is still long,so let's wait for the winter wonderland to arrive :)

How was your christmas holiday spent?

Chicken Schnitzel,the chicken is made flat by using special kitchen hammer,and then coated with bread crumbs and shallow fried with either vegetable fat or oil.


On top of the Birkenkopf.See how sunny the weather was.One can even see as far as the mountain yesterday from here

After coming home,I decided to make Eikrapfen/Egg Choux that is quite famous here during christmas season.Last year in Cologne,I ate tons of these and miss them,so I googled some easy recipe and started whipping the ingredients.

The texture of Eikrapfen from inside.It is the same ingredients used for making cream puff that is famous in Malaysia,but instead of baking them in the oven,I deep-fried them and coat with sugar like classical donuts.



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