Saturday, 12 March 2011

Autumn is Made Here

Hi guys,
Black maxi skirt is like a must for every muslimah,because it fits with almost everything.Also plaid shirt is back on fashion track again :)

I'm wearing:

White Tee:F21/Plaid shirt:F21/Skirt:Bandung/Necklace:F21+DIY/Bangles:Vintage+F21/Shoes:Japan/Bag:Vintage

Location : i-City,Shah Alam,next to Federal Highway
*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

Hidaya Shamsudin


  1. Hello!! A first visit here!!!
    You looks very fine ;) and your fashions are great!! I like this coordinate the most! especially, you look great in this skirt and these pump! recently, I do not buy any clothes...haha :)

  2. Thanks very much Maasa :)
    Please come visit for more.
    I hope you will always support me,and don't forget to give my link to other friends too,ok?


  3. You mean, I can tell my friends about this blog?? Akko-chan, Honkawa Akiko-chan, is also writing her blog! and she is writing about diet, foods and fashions.

  4. Yes,sure you can tell Akko chan about this blog,I also don't have idea at all that she writes a blog too.

    Wow,maybe you can also share the link with me :)


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