Saturday, 19 March 2011

Here we dance under the tree.Come dance with me

Hello everyone,
I wish I could have another day off of the office tomorrow :P
Weekend was great,but I did piles of laundry on Saturday,and today went out to buy some electronic stuff with Sabrina again.
So here's the outfit for today.

Believe it or not,I only used two pins to do the Pashmina.If only you could catch what I meant by pashmina,heavy textured and wide.But it was very comfortable :)

Have a great weekend everyone !

I am wearing:

White Tee:F21/Jacket:Sense/Harem Pants:Topshop/Bag used as clutch:Korea/Pumps:Vintage/Scarf:Pashmina/necklace:F21/Leather Belt:Soda Pavillion

Location : Shah Alam Park,behind Blue Mosque
*Pictures credits to Sabrina*

Hidaya Shamsudin


  1. Who takes these photos?? and taken with your camera??

  2. Hi Maasa,thanks for your comment.Most of the pictures are taken by my best friend since high school,Sabrina.

    Was thinking about taking the pictures with tripod,but the pictures won't be that nice anymore :P

    Yes,I own a DSLR Canon 500d,which I think equals to Canon Kiss X3 in Japan.

  3. wahhhh~br yoyu utk catch up balik blog2 sumer org! lovin dis blog kak daya! more please!! (^^)

  4. Thanks a lot Aisha.
    Yes,please do come for more,
    Though I could not promise how frequent will I update this.


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