Monday, 14 March 2011


Hello everyone,
First of all,I'd like to apologize for not mentioning earlier the reason why I opened up this blog.
Well,apparently,this blog I dedicate to document my fashion every week(that's the most frequent updates I can do every week due to my tight schedule during weekdays),which according to what I call,MY WAY.

I started to google more on high-street fashion of people in Europe and also muslim women all over the globe,and I practically found a lot of ideas through their fashion,and I ensemble it my way.

Being a muslim woman doesn't mean that fashion is not relevant according to the religion,it is the matter with how you do it,according to the righteous regulations,what you can wear,and what you cannot wear.

I'd say,I practically don't like to buy a lot of clothes or accessories every month,but I'd rather mix and match my outfits.Which means,I like to combine stuff A with stuff B,and other time,I combine stuff B with stuff C.

This can also help me to organize my closet to not be overloaded with stuff,which I admit,I have been struggling with organizing my closet since years ago :P

So,again I'd like to dedicate this blog to my parents,my siblings,my friends who always support me,be it friends from Malaysia or from Japan,and to anyone who thinks my idea of opening up this blog indeed,is a good idea.

And to you,all my readers.

Hidaya Shamsudin

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