Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Hello everyone,
Sorry for lack of updates lately.I have been finding a regular person to snap my outfits photos,which I found it quite hard to get any.
I wish Ramon were still here to take zillions of my photos like he did always.

Anyway,I will keep my promise and update more frequently from now on.

Well,On-other-side-of-the-world it's the beginning of Spring.Except we don't have it here in Malaysia.

As much as I choose to become a minimalist at choosing my outfits,I can't resist getting my hands on lots of colors for spring!

Here are some of my wishlist for spring/summer this year.
Which some are so last year,but fashion is in,everytime right?

Christian Louboutins Inspired Platform Heels

Red Skinny Pants

Zebra Printed Scarf

Forever 21 Ruffled Top

Forever21 Denim Shirt

Forever21 Lace Top

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