Friday, 17 June 2011

Day 5 :Koblenz,Loreley,Heidelberg & Karlsruhe @ Germany

Hi all :)
I have to admit,I have little time to update my travel reports because of the work load I received once I am back in the office on Monday,but I have to keep writing my travel diaries anyway ;-)

Hope you're not bored yet.So,in conclusion,I hit 5 countries during these 2 and a half weeks with most of the places I visited are in Germany,and shall I say,I am in love with this country?Not only because my friend is German himself,but there are many more to tell how much I love this country.The nature beauty,the green,and the history,the technologies,and what importantly,I realized that I miss my life in Japan,as Japan and Germany are somehow have so many things in common,especially in their automotive technologies,and well,I love the 4-seasoned countries !

On 5th day,we visited few other places included Koblenz,known as Deutsches Eck(German's corner) because it's the place that merges the river of Rhine and Moselle to become one.I stood exactly at the merging point and took few shots there.

Later on,we went to Loreley,where my friend drove all along the left side of the Rhine and we stop at one point to top off the view from up hill.The view was utterly breath-taking and I felt like staying there forever,and enjoy the magnificent scenery all day long :P

We drove along the Rhine still and later that day we went to Heidelberg,very famous among tourists for its castles and the ruins.We spent quite some time there and from up hill of the castle,the city of Heidelberg lies down it.Again,the view was just magnificent.

Lastly,we drove to Karlsruhe to meet Ramon's sister,Caro and her fiancee.They baked us some delish Pizza and we could not help but finish all!Had a nice chit-chat with the couple and later that night we drove to Stuttgart,where the city Ramon lives in.

Stay tune for more updates ;-)


Top:H&M/Belt:Dorothy Perkins/Skirt:F21/Bracelet:H&M/Gladiator:Charles&Keith/Bag:Vintage

1.Moselle,Koblenz 2.Me in front of some statue,at the merging point 3.Cable car,view from the merging point 4.Merging point of Rhine(right) and Moselle(Left) 5.The horse and the man statue again 6.Me in front of the merged river 7.A church in Koblenz 8,9.Along the Rhine,on the way to Loreley 10.Me along the Rhine 11.Loreley,from the look-out point 12.Me @ Loreley 13.Loreley again 14.Me at Heidelberg castle ruins 15.Me again 16.A bridge in Heidelberg 17.Some houses along the river 18.Heidelberg,from up hill 19.Me again 20.Heidelberg Castle

P/S : Well,I guess many of our people misunderstand of Deutsch and Dutch.Deutsch = German or its language and Dutch = People of Netherland or Holland or its language


  1. dear, seriously in love with the skirt. nice pic. nice view !! <3

  2. Thanks a lot for the compliment!


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