Saturday, 17 September 2011

Black is Wild

Hello all,
We're having a long weekend because on Friday was Malaysia Day combined with independence day.Today I joined my friend to her friend's open house in Putrajaya,had great and scrumptious food,and afterwards headed to Botanical Garden.

After I browsed through all pictures from today,I realized I looked like fat :(
But believe me if I say I am not all fat,maybe some bum here in there ,but maybe the pictures or the material of the maxi dress isn't really suitable for me.

Lesson learned,no more jersey material for me ;-)

But still,I want to share these pictures with you guys and hope you have a great weekend ;-)


Maxi dress:Thepoplook/Scarf:Pashmina/Bag:H&M/Bracelet:Nose/Shoes:Aldo

*Picture credits to Sabrina*


  1. I know this place..:)
    and your outfits was so elegent..:)
    i love black..:)

  2. your dress so good .. :))

    kisses from Turkey...
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  3. aww... leopard pattern looks fabs!!
    oh yea, i heart ur shoes btw ^^,


  4. oh my god! u look soooooo good in that dress :-)
    blck is the on sulution for everything :DD
    aaadorable ! ♥

  5. Thanks all guys for your thoughtful comments ;-)

  6. cantik dan style...
    boleh mama featured kamu dlm blog mama?
    kalau tak boleh takpe... :)


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